ESA PTR Documentation#

Since the Rosetta mission, ESA developed an XML-like syntax to create Planning Timeline Request (PTR) files. These files allow the mission team member to design custom attitude spacecraft pointing. It is readable by AGM and MAPPS softwares to detect spacecraft constrains violations, power conception and surface coverage. It can also be used to compute custom spacecraft attitude (quaterions and ck). This format will be re-used for the JUICE mission, and can already be tested on the JUICE pointing tool.

This python package implements an object oriented approach to help the creation and parsing of PTR files for the user, as well an interface to check JUICE PTR validity with AGM.


Disclaimer: This package is an early release and does not support all PTR implementations. Please, open an issue to report any issue you may accounter. Currently this tool in beta stage, do not use it in production environments.


This package is available on PyPI and could be installed like this:

python -m pip install esa-ptr

Even if this tool does not have any external dependencies, we recommend to use it in an isolated virtual environment (venv or conda).

Development and external contribution

This package is distributed under a BSD-3 Clauses open-source license. The source code can be found on the JUICE Gitlab repository. Bug report and external contribution are highly encourage.